Much of Judith Scharman’s career as a dietitian has focused on child/family wellness.  Her services include:
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Kitchen Makeovers:  In your own kitchen,  Judith Scharman, MS, RD, LD shows you everything you need to know to create a healthy family lifestyle for your family.  This includes:

  • a supermarket tour
  • shopping & cooking instruction
  • specific shopping lists
  • custom meal and snack demos
  • family taste tests
  • Healthy Kids Meal & Motion Markers Products

Price: 6 hours of individualized instruction for $800.00

Speaking Engagements: Dynamic educational seminars and workshops for Parents, Educators and Children filled with visual demonstrations and lots of action.

  • Avoiding Power Struggles Over Food
  • Preventing Future Weight Issues / Eating Disorders
  • Healthy in a Hurry
  • Lunches and Snack: Nutritious, Delicious and Easy
  • The Powerful Strategies Every Parent Should Know