Looking for a Sensational Speaker?Speaker

Registered Dietitian, Judith Scharman conducts high-energy, motivational and jam-packed wellness seminars and workshops with simple savory solutions that really make a difference.

Common Topics:

  • What and When to Eat to Stay Satisfied, Thin, and Smart
  • Sugar & Fat: What’s the Truth
  • Healthy in a Hurry: Foods & Techniques for a Hectic Life
  • Virtual Supermarket Tour: How to Make the Most Out of Your Shopping Trip
  • What’s the Bottom Line: Cutting-edge Solutions to Dropping Inches
  • Raising Healthy Children: Strategies that Really Make the Difference
  • Mindless & Mindful Eating: How our Brain Fakes Us Out
  • Super Foods for Super Health: The Most Amazing Foods & How to Use Them

Call 440.263.5733 or email Judes@FoodsWithJudes.com to schedule a date.