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New Book – 12 Fixes to Healthy

The 12 "fixes" in this new book are the most important changes you can adopt to help you take charge of your health, fight illness, boost gut health, take off fat, and to feel and think better — all without being “on a diet.” These 12 Fixes are your formula for a healthier, stronger, more productive life.

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What makes the 12 fixes work?

Guide to WHAT, HOW and WHEN to eat and drink

How to feel full and stop cravings

How to add more variety to your diet, but still eat what you love

Add each Fix one at a time, 80% of the time rather than 100% of the time for sustainability and flexibility

Tracks your food, not your calories

Identifies small and simple actions that lead you to eat less unhealthy food without realizing it

Rethink exercise, so it’s fun and fits your schedule

Evidence-based and references cited within the chapters

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“I LOVE the simple, practical ideas in this book! An EASY read, too! It’s the kind of book that you can get so much out of each individual’s not like you have to read the whole book at once to get expert advice. This is not based on any fad gives information that can be used now and long term. I think it’s worth every penny!!!” - Amazon Customer

“This book has been life-changing for me. I started reading this book 12 weeks ago and incorporated each fix a week at a time. I feel amazing! The presentation of the fixes through this book was so well done. It is packed with information backed by science, great ideas to better incorporate the fixes, and it is so well organized." - Stephanie A.