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New Book – 12 Fixes to Healthy

The 12 "fixes" in this new book are the most important changes you can adopt to help you take charge of your health, fight illness, boost gut health, take off fat, and to feel and think better — all without being “on a diet.” They are your formula for a healthier, stronger, more productive life.

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What makes the 12 fixes work?

Explains what, how, and when to eat, and how to shop and prepare food

Promotes habits that help you feel full and stop cravings

Adds delicious variety to your diet, but still lets you eat what you love

Can be added to your life gradually, but not followed 100% of the time

Helps you understand and track your food, not your calories

Identifies small and simple actions that lead you to eat less (or more)

Helps you rethink exercise so it’s fun and fits your schedule

Are backed by modern science and based on the latest research

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