Let me motivate your staff to better health!

Hi, I’m Judes, and as a dietitian helping businesses create a positive wellness culture, I have an idea for you to support and encourage your employees’ desires to become healthier during this difficult COVID time. Why not gift them with a health-motivating webinar that gives them specific ways to strengthen their immune defenses?

My 12 Fixes to Healthy online or on-site wellness program concentrates on the twelve most important habits you can do for your weight and health. This 12 Fixes Wellness Plan found in my book, “12 Fixes to Healthy,” includes hands-on demonstrations of life-changing techniques easily adopted by everyone to improve their health for a lifetime. Small changes over time make a big difference to your health and your associate’s health. Better health means less absenteeism, improved productivity, decreased health risks, and improved employee health behavior.

The 12 Fixes to Healthy concept is presented through:

  • Wellness Seminars and Webinars
  • 12-Week or 12-Month Healthy Challenge
  • Healthy Food Demonstrations
  • Lunch-and-Learns
  • Customized Programs

If you are a human resources professional or business owner who wants to discuss how we can help you meet your organization’s wellness goals, please contact me at judes@FoodsWithJudes.com or schedule a call or virtual meeting with me.

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