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Lean Body, Smart Life

Lean Body Smart Life illustrates 12 simple fixes to add healthier habits to your lifestyle, without sacrificing it. Getting healthy shouldn’t come at the cost of your happiness. These fixes aren’t another fad diet; they help you enjoy food without guilt.

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What makes the 12 fixes work?

Tell you what, how, and when to eat, and tell you how to shop and prepare

Promote habits that help you feel full and stop cravings

Add delicious variety to your diet, but still let you eat what you love

Can be added to your life gradually, and aren’t followed 100% of the time

Help you understand and track your food, not just your calories

Identify small and simple actions that lead you to eat less

Rethink exercise so it’s fun and fits your schedule

Are backed by modern science and based on the latest research

Start using the fixes right away with over 50 tasty recipes

Easily access over 30 helpful videos when you buy Lean Body Smart Life

Get personalized recommendations, sharing privileges with your RDN, and tracking tools for the 12 fixes with the Lean Body Smart Life Companion App (coming soon).