Amazing Vegetable Avocado Soup

If you’re busy and enjoy high-quality, delicious food, you’ll want to try this month’s meal hack. Buy fresh vegetable soup in the refrigerated section of Costco or a grocery store. I use CedarLane Organic Chopped Vegetable & Barley Soup that I purchase from Costco. Add a couple of spoonfuls of your favorite salsa to each bowl of soup. If you end up using a sweeter fruit salsa like mango salsa, add a couple of squeezes of fresh lime.

Heat soup by the bowl in the microwave or heat the whole container of soup on the stove. Just add fresh avocado chunks to each bowl of hot soup and serve. You’ll be surprised at how well a little salsa and avocado can enhance the flavor of the vegetable soup. You can have a delicious, hearty soup that is quick, fun and feels like you have been cooking all day! 

Quick & Healthy Meal Hack

Everyone needs a quick go-to meal. I create delicious super-fast meals from time to time, and I want to share them with you!

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15-Minute Roasted Mexican Soup

I can't get enough of this 15-minute soup. It tastes like it been roasting for hours and it has, but by Trader Joe's and not by you! It’s quick and sooo good. You might be able to find these roasted veggies at other stores, but you will for sure find all the ingredients at Trader Joe's. It's a soup-er healthy, zippy, meal hack. This soup can be left chunky or blended smooth, either way it taste soup-perb. The blended version is perfect for those picky eaters who don't appreciate onions, bell peppers or black beans. Shhhh, they'll never know if you don't tell them. Top it with cheese, cilantro, avocados and/or tortilla chips or don’t add a thing to it. It’s a flexible meal using frozen ingredients that you can keep on hand and made on the spot.

Quick & Healthy Meal Hack

To eat eggs or not to eat eggs? That is the question!

Did you get wind of the latest egg health headlines saying that eggs were associated with heart disease? Before you consider eliminating egg yolks all together once again, let’s consider the study design. When we examine better-designed egg health studies, you’ll be putting egg yolks back on the menu. 

How Your Valentine's Breakfast Can Enhance Your Romantic Evening

Some people starve themselves during the day to “save calories” for their special meal. You're more vulnerable to overeat at dinner if you come incredibly hungry and food deprived. Feeling uncomfortably full can sabotage the rest of your romantic evening with your sweetie. You may not know that the type of breakfast you eat can help you from overindulging in the evening. Summary: eating breakfast on Valentine’s Day will help your romantic night out!