Frozen Chocolate Mousse Bananas

Two or three of these simple frozen treats is as satisfying as ice cream, but they're much healthier. Sweetened with nutritious dates, the chocolate filling is made with only healthy ingredients. It's surprising how good these are frozen, so don't be tempted to eat them before they freeze. Be sure to use raw almond butter if you don't own a high-powered blender. Store them in individual portions of two or three to help them last longer, since they will be in high demand. Everyone loves them! Who would think that something this simple and healthy could be so good?
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3/4 cup raw almonds or 1/2 cup raw almond butter 1 cup unsweetened almond milk or milk 1 tsp vanilla extract 4 tbsp natural cocoa powder 10 pitted Medjool dates (about 1 cup) 10 ripe bananas


1) Take out the pits in the dates and be sure to check for little hard ends that are occasionally left on the dates. They are extremely hard, like the pits, and if left on can break a tooth. Blend almonds or almond butter, milk, vanilla, cocoa, and pitted dates in a high-powered blender. Peel and slice bananas in half, lengthwise. Place spoonfuls of chocolate mixture to cover one side of a banana and gently place the other side of the banana on top (like a sandwich) without pressing down. Place on a freezer-safe plate or tray covered with parchment paper or waxed paper. Freeze until firm enough to cut without the filling squeezing out (at least 3 hours). Cut into 1 inch disks and place in a tightly covered container or ziplock bag until frozen solid. Serve straight from the freezer. If they thaw, they become mushy, so don't let them sit out too long, as they do thaw quickly. Enjoy!