Protein-Packed Fruit Bowl

Greek yogurt laced with cottage cheese packs in the protein for the perfect high protein breakfast. A high protein breakfast is key to deactivating the brain's pleasure center and activating the executive decision-making part of the brain. It also keeps food cravings from taking over, even into the evening. This Protein-Packed Fruit Bowl is a quick, delicious breakfast with over 30 grams of protein that is sure to dazzle and satisfy. If no papaya is available, serve it in a melon half or over any fruit. Simply mix plain Greek yogurt with cottage cheese and drizzle with real maple syrup or raw honey. No worries if cottage cheese isn't your bag! The cottage cheese only enhances the creaminess and the texture isn't noticeable. Don't believe me? Try it! If you’re in a real hurry, just mix a couple of spoonfuls of cottage cheese directly into a one-serving container of sweetened yogurt. The cottage cheese dilutes the sugar making it less sweet and boosts the protein to make it healthier. Top with whatever granola, berries, and nuts that fit in the container and take it on the go.
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1/4 cup cottage cheese 1 cup plain Greek yogurt 2 - 3 tablespoons real maple syrup or raw honey I papaya, cut in half, seeded, seed melon half, or  (any fruit works) 3 tablespoons Granola 1/4 cup berries 2 tablespoons nuts


1) Mix cottage cheese, yogurt, and maple syrup together. Place mixture in a seeded papaya half, melon half or any cut-up fruit of choice. Top with granola, blueberries, and nuts.