Lime Apples

My kids love apples, but wont touch them if I cut them up and they start to turn brown. So, the cut up apples I sent in their lunches either end up in the trash or eaten by another kid at their lunch table. By chance, my brown apple problem was solved after eating dinner at my Brazilian friend's house. As part of the meal, she and her mother served us fresh limeade and lime apples. My kids went gaga over them!
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2 apple 1 lime, juiced


1) Using an apple cutter, slice apples.
2) Squeeze the juice from the fresh limes over the cut apples, or put the lime juice in a small bowl and dip both sides of the apple slices in the juice.
3) Put the slices into a container and they are ready for the lunch box. The fresh lime juice adds flavor and keeps the apple flesh white. Your kids will never throw away or give away their apples again!