Pan-Fried White Fish with Vegetables

Tim McCoy is the Education Director of International Culinary Arts & Sciences Institute where I taught nutrition and healthy cooking for five years. Chef Tim prepares Prosciutto-Wrapped Fish dish for his dad. With a few slight changes, he quickly makes this completely different fish recipe for himself. When all is said and done, two fantastic fish recipes are prepared in about twenty minutes. Thanks for sharing, Chef Tim.
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1 firm white fish fillet, 1/4 inch thick or less 2 teaspoons high-heat oil, such as light olive oil or refined safflower oil various vegetables such as sprouts, roasted asparagus tips, halved cherry tomatoes, julienned zucchini and carrot slaw, sautéed julienne peppers, arugula, or pea shoots a couple of spritzes each of oil and vinegar


1) Chef Tim adds a little oil to the pan. He sautés the fillet on both sides over medium heat for about two minutes or until the fish is opaque and a knife will slide into the fish without resistance.
2) After adding salt and pepper, he tops his cooked fish with various vegetables mixed with a little oil and vinegar.
3) Fresh herbs, a pinch of your favorite spice, or just a squeeze of lemon or lime finishes the fish nicely too.