Looking for a sensational speaker?

Do you want to thrill your organization? Judes will engage your audience while offering simple life-changing techniques to improve their health!

As your how-to dietitian nutritionist and creator of the 12 Fixes to Healthy Wellness Plan and author of the newly released book, 12 Fixes to Healthy: A Wellness Plan for Life. Judes provide an experience, rather than a lecture. While narrowing the flood of nutritional information, she demonstrates simple life-altering changes for health, wellness and even productivity.

Frequent Topics:

  • Strengthen Your Immune Defenses
  • Wellness Trends to Adopt or Drop
  • Slow the Decline of Your Brain Skills as You Age
  • Eat to Sleep: Changing Your Intake for a Better Night’s Sleep
  • Wellness Ergonomics: Rearrange Your Environment for Better Health
  • 12 Fixes to a Healthier, Leaner Life
  • How to Improve Productivity through Wellness
  • When to Eat to Lose Weight and Boost Health
  • What’s the Bottom Line: Cutting-edge Solutions to Dropping Inches
  • Mindless & Mindful Eating: How our Brain Fakes Us Out
  • Healthy in a Hurry: Foods & Techniques for a Hectic Life
  • Virtual Supermarket Tour: How to Make the Most Out of Your Shopping Trip
  • Raising Healthy Children: Strategies that Truly Make the Difference
  • Super Foods for Super Health: The Most Amazing Foods & How to Use Them

Email judes@FoodsWithJudes.com for questions or schedule a brief call or virtual meeting to discuss how she can help you meet your organization’s wellness goals.