Which Pear Wins the Taste Test?

We have a new pear queen, as I bequeathed my position to 8 year old Chloe at the end of a splendid learning session about pears.  As part of our pear fun, we had a taste test with Chloe, her mom and myself.  I was surprised at the kinds of pears that unanimously came in first and second place.

The Bosc pear was the winner and the red anjou came in second place.  Bartlett pears may have done better if they had been in season.

The red Anjou has always been a favorite pear of mine but I’ve tended to avoid the tan Bosc pear with it’s elongated neck.  I’ll definitely buy them now that I know how delicious they are.  They are also great for cooking because they hold their shape so well.  They have a succulent, juicy flavor and have the least obtrusive skin texture and taste better than the other pears in our taste test.

Try a taste test of your own.  Remember to check the necks for ripeness; pears ripen after they have been picked, not on the tree like apples.  Barrette pears are the only pears that change colors as they ripen (from green to yellow or brighter red depending on the type of Bartlett pear). See my Precious Pear post for more pear specifics.

Taste tests are a fun, positive way to have children try new and unfamiliar foods. Have them rate the foods in order of how much they like them. There is always a winner and there is only one food that comes in last place.

The Real Fruit Truth

I’m challenging you this month to replace processed sugar and sweet treats with fruit! Many people equate fruit with white sugar, claiming it to be just as bad. THIS ISN'T TRUE! I'm regularly told, "I'm skipping fruit and sugar as part of my diet plan," as if it's the same thing. If you are someone who thinks this, please keep reading!

Healthy Challenge: July 2018

Pass the Honey, Honey

This month's healthy challenge is SWEET! I'm challenging you to replace processed sugars with whole foods. Whole foods like fruit and raw honey are great alternatives to processed sugars! Honey is truly a gift from nature, and we have our friends the bees to thank. A honey bee will only make about 1/12 of a teaspoon of honey IN ITS LIFETIME. Talk about a precious gift. But there is a big difference between commercial honey and raw honey! I'm inviting you to join me in adopting the 12-Fix Lean Life Plan in my book, Lean Body Smart Life! Start with Fix #1 and replace sugar, sweet treats, refined flour, and processed foods with whole foods like fruit and raw honey this month! Then add a new Fix each month. I'll be helping you every week on my Foods With Judes Facebook Live and various posts to adopt the 12-Fix Plan to your life. Let's do this together!

Make Your Salads Healthier!

My challenge this month is to eat leafy greens every day. Even though this month is almost over, don't stop eating those greens! Make it a habit for life to help decrease cognitive decline as you age, boost your health, and keep body fat off. To help with this challenge, this week's Tuesday Tip addressed some tricks for making salads more nutritious. Here are the tips in a nutshell: