Your How-to Dietitian Nutritionist

New Book Available June 2020!

My name is Judith, but friends call me Judes, and I’m your How-To Dietitian Nutritionist.

I translate nutritional scientific research into what you can eat to make the biggest difference to your health and happiness. Through speaking engagements, seminars, and workshops, I can help you and your staff, colleagues, and friends make small changes in you lifestyle to make a huge differnce to your health and weight.

I’m excited to announce my new book: 12 Fixes to Healthy: A Wellness Plan for Life

Integrating my 30-year experience as a registered dietitian nutritionist with the latest scientific research, I’ve identified the 12 most important “fixes” to help you take charge of your health, fight illness, take off fat, and to feel and think better—all without being “on a diet.”

Adopted one at a time, these 12 Fixes are done most of the time rather than 100 percent of the time to offer a non guilt, sustainable plan.

Flexible enough to work within any lifestyle, culture, or diet restriction, these 12 Fixes are your formula for a healthier, stronger life.

This 12 Fixes to Healthy Plan in this book is based on a Mediterranean, whole-food lifestyle that includes overnight intermittent fasting paired with breakfast, exercise, sleep, eating ergonomics, and mindful eating. 

Sweet Potato Wedges

6 servings
30 - 35 minutes total time